DIY party favor crowns for birthdays


Welcome to my new blog! I’m a mother of nearly two kids and my crafting bug hit me full force after the birth of my son Marlon two years ago. He’s about to turn two, and I’ll start this off by documenting my birthday party preparations. My idea for a party favor for all the kiddos attending is to make felt crowns that they can decorate with felt shapes on the day of the party, and then take home too add to their dress-up collections! We are having a castle theme for Marlon’s birthday, and the crowns fit in nicely, but I like the Where the Wild Things Are connection as well. These would be great for any prince or princess’ party!

If you would like to make these for your own birthday boy or girl or as party favors, this is super easy for any beginner sewer and very inexpensive. For 24 crowns I used a piece of gold felt approximately 60 inches by 11 inches (plus a little extra for mess-ups). I used a little under 9 1/2 yards of ribbon (mine was 3/8 inch wide just because it was the cheapest and it was the one thing I had to buy). I used scraps of elastic I had from various other projects (finally, a way to use up all those little useless ends of elastic rolls), approximately the same width as the ribbon. Then I gathered up a bunch of scraps of different colored felts for the decorations the kids would glue on at the party. I got these scraps from my local fabric store as remnants from their felt bolts.

On to cutting! I cut out a template from a cereal box that had three points, was about 2 1/2 inches tall at the middle point, and was about 8 1/2 inches wide at the bottom where I’d be joining the ribbon. I just freehanded the shape in a general size that looked good to me, folding it in half width-wise to cut so it would be symmetrical. You can do any shape or size that fits your fancy.

Then I traced this shape onto my gold felt 24 times (one for each child coming to the party, plus one or two extra just in case) and cut out. I kept the scraps from cutting out to make into shapes for my son’s felt board – more on that later! Then I cut out 24 pieces of ribbon, each 14 inches long. I also cut out 24 pieces of elastic, each 3 1/2 inches long. You can do any lengths that you want to achieve any size you need. The kids at this party range from about 4 months to all the way up to 10 or so, but most are around 2-4 years. These crowns ended up being about 20 inches unstretched, which is about the size of my two-year-old’s head, and they stretch to fit my adult 22 inch head, but just barely. I did actually make two littler ones for the under one-year-olds by using 11 or 12 inch pieces of ribbon instead of 14 inches. Once I got all the pieces cut out, it was on to sewing!


I sewed one end of a ribbon onto the bottom edge of a crown piece with about a half inch of overlap. I used a zig-zag stitch for this entire project, and matched my thread to my crown color. Then I sewed the other side to the other end, making sure the ribbon wasn’t twisted and I was sewing to the same side of the felt:


Here’s the crown with just the ribbon sewed onto both ends, wrong side up so you can see the seams:


Next, I took a 3 1/2 inch piece of elastic and stretched it out all the way and placed it on the center back of the ribbon, just to see where to start sewing it to the ribbon. This way it’s about centered in the back, but it doesn’t have to be exact. I then measured how far the elastic was from the edge of the crown, so I would be able to just measure this on the next crown and not have to do this step. The edges of my elastic when stretched out all the way were about 3 1/2 inches from each side of the crown, so I placed the beginning of the elastic that far down on the WRONG side of the ribbon and did a few stitches on the machine, backwards and forwards, to tack it in place. Making sure the needle is down into the elastic so it keeps it in place, I then stretched the elastic out all the way with one hand and sewed it to the ribbon, pulling the ribbon gently out the back side with my other hand like so:


When I got to the end of the elastic, I went backwards and forwards a few times again to make sure it held in place, and cut all my threads. And we’re done! It took only about two minutes to sew each crown after I was done cutting everything out, so you can whip quite a few of these out in one afternoon. Here’s the inside back of the crown with the elastic stretched out all the way:


And here is the back of the crown from the right side out, showing how the elastic will cinch up the ribbon nicely once you let the elastic spring back into shape:


Here’s the finished project on my son, showing the side and back:



So now the crowns are ready for the kids to decorate on the day of the party! I bought some felt glue at JoAnne’s the other day after learning that Elmer’s craft glue doesn’t hold felt to felt very well. I tried the felt glue out and it works great. So we will be cutting shapes out of colored felt for the next week or so, and will show you the finished result at the party. Keep checking back for more birthday updates and other homemade craft projects, and let me know if you try this project out for your little ones!


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